Creating a Healthy and Environment Friendly Home for Your Pet


In this day and age, it is so important to be thinking about the environment with every little thing we do in our daily routine. The planet is at a place that feels scary and dangerous when we start to look at what our future could be if we do not start trying to take better care of the one home we have. Of course, there is a possibility that we could live on other planets but that is a far way out, still very questionable, and no reason to throw the one we have literally in the trash. There are a million ways we all cause a whole bunch of waste every day. From chemicals in our bath and body products to the toxins released into the air from the over farmed land due to over production of meat for our overeating culture. It all comes down to waste and if we begin to be a little more conscious of it, it could make a huge difference.

There are many ways that we are causing harm to our planet that we do not even think about, and one of those ways is through our pet care. Most people think of animals as being very environmentally friendly because they are part of the natural environment, but that is not necessarily true if you are not using sustainable practices when you are taking care of them and purchasing their supplies. There are a few small changes you can make to be a little more helpful when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint.

The Food You Feed Them

Even the food you buy can be produced with chemicals that are not safe for your pet, never mind the environment. In order for the food you buy to be considered sustainable you need to consider everything from the ingredients, to how the packaging is made. You find options for environment friendly pet food at places like Petco.

Kitty Litter

There is so much waste that comes with, well, animal waste. If you have a cat, you know very well that you go through kitty litter pretty regularly. Anything that is being used and thrown out like that on a regular basis is no good for the environment at all. However, there are some options or brands that are organic and biodegradable without producing harmful toxins when they breakdown or leaving chemicals behind in the earth.

Puppy Pads

If you live in a city or anywhere that does not have enough outdoor space to just let your dog roam and go to the bathroom wherever it pleases, then you are probably familiar with puppy pads and poops bags. Puppy pads are usually only used when a dog is still in training. However, there are plenty of dogs who are so small that their owners allow them to use a puppy pad their entire life due to convenience or sometimes lack of training. This is a huge waste and ends up polluting our environment if they are not biodegradable.