Cat Behaviors and just what They Mean


Cats behave in a few ways since it is instinctive to allow them to do that. They aren’t doing the work to upset you. Cats do not understand the concepts of revenge or spite. They simply do things that they feel are ‘normal’.

Scratching Furniture

Cats like to scratch at things as they have to hone their claws. They’ll also dig their claws in to the carpet or perhaps a tree when they would like to stretch their muscles. We like to stretch and thus do our cats. Additionally they scratch at furniture to ‘mark’ it or leave their scent. It’s their method of saying ‘I’m here, this s my spot’.

Spraying on Vertical Surfaces

When cats ‘spray’ small quantities of urine on walls, doorways or any other vertical surfaces, they’re ‘marking’ their territory. Unneutered men and women cats are more inclined to spray to mark their territory than individuals which have been altered. Marking is yet another method of showing sexual readiness inside your cat. Multi-cat homes are more inclined to experience spraying to mark territory.

Not While using Litter Tray

Sometimes cats will urinate in inappropriate places for example in your bed or clothing, or on the ground somewhere. At these times, don’t scold the kitty rather than rub their noses inside it. Cats will urinate to mark their territory, particularly in multi-cat homes. Within the wild, this is the way cats mark the limitations of the territory. As the second cat wanders in to these marked out limitations, they’re alerted that el born area ‘belongs’ to a different cat. By respecting these limitations, they avoid unnecessary fighting, especially over prey.

Faecal Marking

Cats normally bury their faecal matter. It is really an ancient drive whereby the kitty ‘hid its identity and location’ from predators. In case your cat starts eliminating faecal matter on the ground or clothing, it’s delivering a really strong message that something is wrong by using it. This may be something medical, maybe it’s a response to something the kitty ate, stress or perhaps a very effective method of marking or reclaiming its territory.

Eating Plants

Cats will eat vegetables or vegetable matter for which seems to become pointless. Within the wild, they’ll consume every part of the prey such as the contents of the stomach. It’s believed that the partly digested vegetable matter could supply the cat with minerals and vitamins not found elsewhere. Sometimes they’ll eat plants so make themselves vomit up a hairball or anything else they’ve eaten.

Excessive Meowing

Some kinds of cats are noisier than the others. The Siamese, Burmese, Abyssinians and Tonkinese could be fairly vocal. Individual cats could be noisy too. Some meow to obtain attention or when they’re stressed. Excessive noise inside a normally quiet cat might be a manifestation of illness or injuries or perhaps be because of the fact the cat is on heat and/or searching for any mate.

Pleading for Food

Cats can beg for food if they’re being underfed. It may be reply to a period in which the cat needed to struggle for food, either like a stray or maybe it had been the runt from the litter. This makes a ‘high food drive’ that will trigger the pleading behavior.


Some cats will bite to prevent anything you do. This can usually be considered a gentle puppy nip. Sometimes, you might have attempted to stroke an especially sensitive area like the neck or even the rump. Make certain your cat is not hurt or perhaps in discomfort.


As cats are naturally predatory creatures, aggression belongs to their natural behavior. They’ll be very aggressive in protecting their territory using their company creatures. Cats are usually very gentle with humans unless of course they’re frightened or perhaps in discomfort.