“Best Automatic Cat Feeder of 2018” Do you really know what it is?


In this post I’m going to teach you how to choose the best automatic cat feeder in this 2018, because like me with my hard life of guards in the Hospital, on more than one occasion I do not leave enough food for my kitten, so If you do not want that to happen and you want to improve the relationship with your pets, I am sure that with one of the automatic feeders that I will analyze next, you will solve this mess very much.

What is the importance of having an intelligent feeder? good is not just a gadget for our friends, we know very well that cats like to eat in small portions, that makes them stay with a very active metabolism, ideal to avoid overweight, but if you think it spends a lot of time in the interperience the flavor will be very bad and leaving aside the taste the possible contamination that could contract, affecting our cats, for it today I leave the whole afternoon to explain in detail the best 5 automatic cat feeders.

WOPET 7L Automatic Cat Feeder A36

What do I pay attention to when buying an automatic feeder for my cat?

Because I want to start this post like this, because I believe that one must be careful when buying a product, remember that we will invest part of our money and that we should always value brands, know their technical support, if possible, therefore We will be addressing this so that you feel safe in your next purchase.

The brand

Not that I am a fussy but really in the online market there are many imitators of large companies, so before I buy a feeder I look at the brand, among them which I highlight are 5, for their technical support, for its trajectory and because its products have the best user ratings, these are:

  1. WOPET
  2. Petwant
  3. Jempet
  4. Iseebiz
  5. HoneyGuaridan

We will address the pros and cons of each of these brands later, but if you are already seeing a product of them, you are already making your best choice, because we know that they are recognized brands in the field of pets.

WOPET, is one of the pioneers in the pet products market, its automatic feeder is also a bestseller in the Amazon America.

Petwant, is undoubtedly the leading brand in the development of products for our cats and dogs, they have a cutting-edge research system and official website to see their best products.

Jempet, this company has been climbing little by little, taking certain design lines from the first two, but its products are more intuitive and facilitate communication through mobile apps.

Iseebiz, is for me the brand with which one could very well start the first purchase if we do not want to spend a lot and have a first-class gadget in our house.

HoneyGuaridan, this brand takes one step further than the others, has at your disposal automatic drinking supplements that are luxurious, we will talk about them in a future guide, but excellent user ratings and excellent value for money.

The capacity of your tank

Why is it important to see the capacity of the tank? because with it you really know if you will do well with the WOPET feeder or the HoneyGuaridan, because both have a rather small container compared to those of Petwant and Yatek.

The containers allow you to safely store the feed (Concentrates or Food) , preventing the ants, bacteria and even the same climate from damaging the texture and flavor of them.

Furthermore, one advantage of evaluating the food dispenser is that it will allow better rationing of meals, you will not want a plump cat that has health problems later, we must give them what their race and age need. If you want to know more about the rations in the link below you can assess according to the health of your cat and his age the type of feed you need and the rations that are recommended by veterinary experts.

Feed  for cats Ultima, Analysis

Because we are committed to give you the tools so that you can buy properly we will show you the comparison in the dispensers, present in the models of the brands that we have mentioned before.

Integrated technology – Connectivity

One of the reasons why buy an automatic cat feeder? it is without a doubt the search of practical ways to automate our life, and to offer our cats the food when they need it, for it the feeders can integrate infrared systems like WOPET, which indicate when the I think, or as in the case of the Petwant that allows connectivity to social networks and you can take photos or video through a camera in the dispenser, incredible no? you’ll see it working soon.

But in addition to connectivity it is important to evaluate that our feeders have the capacity to work with or without electric current, some integrate adapters for receptacle for batteries.

The latter is invaluable, especially if there is a blackout and your cat is alone at home, with this duality of operation you ensure that your cat receives food if yes.

Therefore always check the models that meet this feature.

WOPET Petwant Jempet Iseebiz HoneyGuaridan
Can be used with Ac and batteries Can be used with Ac and batteries Can be used with Ac and batteries Can be used with Ac and batteries Can be used with Ac and batteries
System compatible with Android and iOS Not compatible with mobile System compatible with Android and iOS Not compatible with mobile Not compatible with mobile
Compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Wechat and QQ Not compatible social networks Not compatible social networks Not compatible social networks Not compatible social networks
You can take pictures and Video Do not take photos or videos Do not take photos or videos Do not take photos or videos Do not take photos or videos
WiFi connection No Wi-Fi connection Smartlink Wi-Fi connection No Wi-Fi connection No Wi-Fi connection

 Way in which food is rationed

Something very important when buying a smart feeder, is knowing how to serve the feed or cat food to our furry friends, because it is not the same to serve a jelly or a pack of wet food that I think.

For this, some of the designs that we have been describing use a tray system easy to assemble and clean, except for the automatic feeders WOPET , which comes in its same integrated design tray system, but not all it is bad in these two, they are the only ones that allow detecting by means of an infrared the possible pieces of feed that have become stuck or that can get stuck.

The food rations, should be calculated based on the age of your cat and whether or not it presents a health condition, but if your cat is very healthy I invite you to read our guide:

The 10 best foods for cats.

In the case of the Jempet and the Yatek Petwant, the functionality of the app, gives you the option of knowing how the dispenser goes, that is, before it is empty you will receive a notification likewise you can know how many times it comes to eat your cat and The rations that you have been eating, this is great if you have been told by the vet that rations better meals.

WOPET Petwant Jempet Iseebiz HoneyGuaridan
Retractable and removable tray Retractable and removable tray Retractable and removable tray Without detachable tray Without detachable tray
Up to 10 Servings Up to 10 Servings Up to 5 servings Up to 4 servings Up to 4 servings
Up to 4 meals a day Up to 4 meals a day Up to 6 meals a day Up to 4 meals a day Up to 6 meals a day

Opinions about Automatic Feeders

I can not bring here the specific opinions that users have made about the automatic feeders, since they are part of the files of stores and the same people, but I can summarize what people who already have a smart feeder have obtained. , let’s see:

  • Automatic feeders have facilitated the lives of those who already have them by allowing kittens to receive their rations on time.
  • The integration of mobile apps , improve the utility and versatility of the designs of the automatic feeders, making it easier to control and even keep a cat food diary.
  • Out of concern for I think everywhere and without flavor, to be inside the dispenser the flavor, texture and health of the feed is maintained at 100%.
  • If a physical area is integrated for cats with automatic drinking troughs and automatic feeders, our cat will not only be more stimulated to eat well, but the moving water will make him take more of the vital liquid therefore avoiding urinary tract infections and improving digestion.
  • These five models allow to use with D batteries and with electric house current.

Frequently asked questions about Automatic Feeders

  • Can you eat two cats at the same time?

Yes of course it will depend on which of the 5 you buy but if it is so we recommend the Yatek Petwant or the Petwant, that you can put a double ration and that’s it.

  • Do the automatic feeders notify when they have no food?

Not all include low level feed alarms, you should be looking at your front or side marker as the level goes.

  • What is the best automatic feeder?

It is a difficult question, but personally, I would buy Yatek’s smart feeder, surely this Christmas will be so.

  • Where can I buy the best automatic feeder?

We recommend you Amazon, you have the option of acquiring Prime service ,delivery in one day and returns things that in a physical store, does not happen many times.

  • Automatic feeders can be used by other animals?

Yes of course, one of the advantages of having a large with the YATEK-PETWANT, is that it allows you to feed an adult dog very well, some have also used the versions of HoneyGuaridan and Iseebiz for rabbits, chickens and other animals.

  • What type of energy do automatic catchers use?

The 5 that I have described, have the two advantages of using household light and battery system type “D”

  • Does having an intelligent feeder for cats increase the electricity bill?

It is not something I know completely because there is no way to say how much you spend, that sure an electrician knows, but in my case it has not increased 10 euros per month and I have saved the throw I think it had been ruined to be in a feeder a lot of time.

  • Can I use an automatic dispenser to serve wet cat food?

No, these are made specifically for croquettes or feed.

  • What type of automatic feeders are there?

There are at least 3 basic types, the smart ones as we show you, there are others as a turret that by gravity is releasing the feed and others in the form of a disk that can hold up to 5 meals